The way the narrative voices of the ‘powerful’ and ‘oppressed’ are explored in both, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Tempest’ could relate to the way power over one another is presented in relation to the hierarchy. When in possession of power there tends to be a sense of abandonment, rejection and oppression for those […]

`Is having too much money really a bad thing? Is having too much money really a bad thing? Nowadays, money can be used for everything. Many people value money, and many people don’t. I strongly believe having too much money is a bad thing as money has the potential to ruin people’s ability to appreciate […]

Andres Ramos IGCSE Writing to Respond.  Dear Ms Samantha Taylor,   I am writing this letter with regards to your article presenting the way in which social media is taking over the younger generation. I strongly agree with your judgement concerning teenagers and the way social media’s affecting them and believe your statements, as well […]

  The theme of power and control is present in ‘ Frankenstein ‘ and ‘ The Tempest’. Both Shakespeare and Shelly explore these themes through Characterization, language and structure .I’ll be exploring and looking at all the significant feelings and plots behind the ‘ romantic movement’ and ‘ Gothic genre’ . The idea of power and control is reflected […]

After the 5 year sentence, he stepped out of his nightmare and carried on walking without turning back. He was certain he was ready for a fresh start, but it was at that point that her words rang in his ears… It’s over. “Look at me”, she glanced at him with tears in her eyes, […]